This is a list of team owners who have given their information so far. If you are an owner and not listed here, please post the information in this thread and I will update the information. The links provided are as follows:
Persons name/title = Link to their user profile here on SiriusBuzz.
Team name = Link to their team on Fantasy Football.
Private Message = Direct link to send that person a private message.
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This new version of the forum software allows us to setup groups;

Owners can join and we can keep track of all the smack talking or trade proposals there. I figured this would be a good chance to test out some new stuff.

Newman (Moderator/League Commissioner) - Team NAB Hypocrites - Private Message
SiriusBuzz (Head Honcho) - Team - Private Message
drfreeman (Junior Member) - Team Freeman - Private Message
Dlite (Member) - Team Rehr's Bears - Private Message

And that's all I got for now! Add your info!