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Thread: SiriusXM hits Roku

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    SiriusXM hits Roku

    If you have a Roku Digital Video Player(DVP, aka "the Netflix box') a developer called 'The Endless' has posted a beta for SiriusXM Online.

    He says TVersity needs to be added to transcode the streams. Help him out.

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    This channel is good, but if you have a Mac, then unless you dual boot Windows on it, forget it. TVersity will not work on it. TheEndless told me that he's gonna try and find another way for it to work, or maybe Roku will make WMA work on the player.

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    I just started using the SiriusXM on Roku and it was working fine, but just the other day there is no sound. I have noticed that the songs keep changing, but there is not sound coming through. Any ideas what might be the issue?

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