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Thread: Fix your APP and Internet mini player SiriusXM!

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    Exclamation Fix your APP and Internet mini player SiriusXM!

    You have the worst App and website player of any radio service or podcast I know!!!
    Your mini player doesn't popup of my Safari browser using Yosemite the new MacBook Pro.
    Your on demand options are not consistent, sometimes I can get a show from Jay Thomas and other times you can't, why isn't there at least two or three weeks of shows just waiting there to be used????
    You're APP on my iPhone is pathetic.
    I have deleted it and reloaded it many times to try to fix bugs to no avail. It's stalls and when using it sometimes I'll hit pause and it won't pause, so I have to sign out or reboot my iPhone to get the interface to respond.
    When I go from my computer to my phone it makes me sign in, you guys should learn something from Spotify, it knows when I switch from my computer to my phone.
    For a paid service I feel you owe me money and if Howard Stern leaves I will probably cancel my SirusXM subscription.
    Many more people feel this way because I read the forums online and most { 95% } this your APP is horrible. The interface for this website and APP is archaic!!!
    And one more thing, I am handicap so when I go to bed at night I put my headset on playing SiriusXM Radio and I don't want to pause for inactivity after 90 minutes because you guys are too cheap to handle the bandwidth.
    If I am having a party and I put the music on I don't want to turn off the music after 90 minutes but you folks do it for me? HOW RUDE!!! Don't you folks get that, don't make it a must that your stations turn off automatically after 90 minutes or is it 60 minutes? Either way let the user decide that! I consider that a personal insult for something I am paying for.
    Thank you

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    There is going to be an update for the ios app for iphone before too very long btw[there just was one for android tablets].

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    The Android app is horrible and the recent update made it worse. The forced the update and I was unable to use the service from my device until I downloaded and installed it (talk about RUDE!). I use my Galaxy S5 in my older car (the newer one has the satellite tuner) to listen and they've made the font for song titles on the FAVORITES screen so small it's nearly impossible to read while driving. Even worse, it's grey text on a white background! Who the heck designed that screen? Plus, if I change stations from the Favorites screen it won't stay on the favorites goes to the screen for that channel. I have to click back again...WHILE DRIVING. They also removed the rewind and skip controls from the Favorites screen. I could do everything I wanted to from that ONE screen in the previous app (which had other serious problems) and could easily read the program info (which is hardly ever updated efficiently). I believe they are TRYING to make app difficult to use in the car so they can market another tuner and subscription to me. Never gonna happen, SXM!

    As much as I enjoy the music selection, I really hate the way SXM does business and am looking for commercial free alternatives.

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    I am having a problem opening the app on my IPHONE. It has been bad where I have to open it a half a dozen times to get it to work before it crashes but the past couple of days I tried a lot and could not get it open without crashing. Once I get it open I had very little problems. Why is it crashing so much on launch?

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    Deleting the app completely, rebooting, and then reinstalling it is working for the majority of users. No idea why.
    Charles LaRocca
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