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Thread: Question about the car power adapter

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    Question about the car power adapter

    Installed the car radio dock today, on a 2013 Ford Transit Connect small van. Everything went fine. The magnetic antenna worked perfectly. Used gaffer tape to stick the wires down. The vehicle dock ended up on the dashboard... the Transit Connect has an area for a laptop or clipboard, convenient.

    Here's my question. The power adapter plugs into the dashboard 12V cigarette lighter, or whatever it is called these days. On the Transit Connect, even when the car is turned off, that power socket is live. So -- when the car is turned off, and the radio goes dead (no more sound through the Aux plug) -- will I drain the van's battery if I leave the power adapter plugged into the cigarette lighter? Or can I leave it plugged in all the time without worrying about it?

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    If ts plugged in and the light is on, its drawing power.

    What kind of unit did you install?

    Depending on the unit (if it has battery power) will depend on how much power it draws. If the unit is off, it will likely only draw to run the little red light on the plug so, I wouldn't worry about it if your driving every day. If they car ists for a couple of weeks, you might wind up with a dead battery.
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