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Thread: Fast forward and rewind... Stop the madness!

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    Unhappy Fast forward and rewind... Stop the madness!

    Let me apologize in advance for being lame... But the SiriusXM App for IOS is driving me insane... Can anyone point me to a user guide for the app, or help me with controlling how far it advances and rewinds?

    My issues:
    I listen to news shows (not music) on the app. I often want to rewind a few minutes to catch or skip something.

    At the top, there is the 5 hour slider bar, a fast forward button, and a rewind button.

    Slider Bar -- I cannot seem to use this to go back just a few minutes, it always goes an hour or more no matter how little I try to drag it. I can see it says the time but it still seems impossible to really control. (Is that just me?)

    Fast Forward/Rewind -- these seem to behave randomly. I can't tell how far back or forward they're going. Sometimes it's a few minutes, sometimes it's a whole hour or more. Sometimes it seems they know when commercials are any they, delightfully, take me to right before or after the commercials. Other times they seem to whimsically go anywhere from 1 to 15 minutes but who knows why - the stop in the middle of commercials or jump to another show.

    Is there a way to control what they do? Are they supposed to be doing something specific?


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    Not only are the controls crazy but, they totally depend on the station you're listening to. Sometimes the FF and REW jump a single song and sometimes the jump a whole show full of songs. Its not like the FF and REW you're accustomed to using on a CD or DVD player.
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