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Thread: Does SiriusXM know my listening location?

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    Does SiriusXM know my listening location?

    I am working on a legal paper about copyright. One of the points I am making turns on SiriusXM being unable to tell where a listener is receiving the signal. I think this is true, but I have been having trouble verifying it (or even figuring out how to verify it). I did find a site indicating that SiriusXM radios are strictly receivers, lacking the ability to transmit a signal back to the satellite that would allow this type of geolocation, but I wasn’t entirely convinced of its reliability. Can anybody help me verify that this is true?


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    That is true. The data is a one way street.

    Im not sure the same can be said for the iOS app. I don't recall if it allows you to turn location on or off.
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    You can turn your location off.

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