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Thread: SIRI Monthly Thread August 2014

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    1 option contract = 100 shares

    9400 contracts x 100 shares = 940,000 shares.

    That is if I am reading your question correctly.

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    If you are interested in KEEPING the shares until you can come up with the cash to eliminate the margin loan, I think (I THINK) margin interest offsets capital gains- from a tax perspective. I only mention this as it makes "paying" the margin interest more palatable. Check with Steiny or your tax professional before acting. I am NOT a tax professional (nor did I sleep at a Holiday Inn last night) so my advice is not to be relied on as pure fact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf Child View Post

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    everything turned out fine. Shares sold at 56 cents rather than Friday's close of 55 cents. Made hundreds and learned a valuable lesson.

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    If someone were to offer me a bet whether or not SIRI would break up tomorrow I would wager yes.

    Because : yes.

    Done staring at the charts.

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    Golden cross on LMCA today

    Golden cross about 4 trading days away for SIRI if we can hold in the 3.50s

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    volume sux today

    SF i hope no one made you that offer.

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    I dunno man it's up $0.005 ! Forgot about the stupid Fed minutes today. Locking everything.

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    I will say the longer it drags on low volume sideways at highs like this the more I like it. Just pulls all those averages up.

    20 day breaches 200 tomorrow. 50 shortly after.

    The whole thing is setting up for a 1, 2, 3, 4... and on and on punch.

    Still feel like we need to see a debt issuance announcement to indicate the third $2 bil is locked in and ready to go.

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