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Thread: SIRI Monthly Thread August 2014

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    It's about time.....

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    Quad-Top Breakout

    P&f quad-top breakout....$3.95 bullish price target...

    SIRI PandF Quad Top Breakout 8-14-2014.JPG

    But will it hold today... and tomorrow???

    Here's to the imminent high-top pole!
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    At what point would a short squeeze come about?

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    this doesnt make up for all of the siri sp shannanigans over the last year.....but at least its a start. Now they gotta keep it going!

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    JANA PARTNERS LLC 0 $ 0 0.00 2.72% Sold All 72,270,016

    EDIT: JANA Partners gives quarterly update on stakes
    NEW STAKES: Apache (APA), FMC Corp (FMC), Civeo (CVEO), PetSmart (PETM), and Charter Communications (CHTR). INCREASED STAKES: Actavis (ACT), AIG (AIG), Mallinckrodt (MNK), HD Supply (HDS), and American Capital (ACAS). DECREASED STAKES: Liberty (LVNTA), Oil States International (OIS), eBay (EBAY), Liberty Media (LMCA), and Liberty Interactive (LINTA). LIQUIDATED STAKES: Sirius XM (SIRI), Juniper (JNPR), Golar LNG (GLNG), Outerwall (OUTR), and Teva (TEVA).
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    I can see it now, the street will come out with a article later today titled "Why Sirius XM (SIRI) Stock Continues to Rise Today" and the reason will be because Larry Mize Joins SiriusXM PGA TOUR Radio.

    BTW SF nice article....thanks.

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    This is frigging torture (in the best way I guess). Holding 2500 calls that expire tomorrow with a cost basis of 6 cents per including commissions, and the share price dragging where it did all day.

    Please. Please tomorrow... no profit taking :P I could suck up a $2500 loss here but decided to see what tomorrow brings. This is why I always say I am not a good SIRI trader. Perhaps tomorrow will change that. EOD at HIGH is always good, and the SPY needs to fill its gap left on the drop, so it has a buck or so left above before resistance IMO. At the first sign of break even I will probably short vs. the calls and exercise them to take the shares... They make me call derivatives for that and get approval though... and the damn process takes 10 / 15 minutes. That's an eternity... wonder if I can get pre-approval.... (just thinking out loud)

    JANA selling out isnt a huge deal. Here's how I look at it... IF they were going to sell out then I am glad they already HAVE They sold out of Liberty stuff too.

    I am thinking of piling into bank stocks if / when they start to raise interest rates. Anyone else looking along that route? Will still hold a lot of SIRI but I need to diversify at least a little.

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    What has me wondering (and I don't know if I draw these things properly but they usually serve me well) is that we're at an inflection point here. Mid line of the slower uptrend getting knocked by the resistance line of the fast bounce off lows.

    Issue new debt or something tonight SIRI... cmon :P I still think we are due to move into that top part of the slower uptrend and play 3.55 to 3.68 (as of today) but I don't know if it comes tomorrow or there is another tiny couple days of pullback / dragging to digest the last two.

    My GUESS? Tomorrow is another big green without some macro shake up / stupidity.


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    One last note. We are above EVERY moving average right now. 20 / 50 / 100 / 200 on all charts (except the 200 on the monthly but that is way way up there).

    Right down to the 1 minute... everything is up.

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    Redcloud your inbox is full. No I don't look at the green stocks

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