I'm around Faulkner...I've been watching my brothers you can bet that. Have had a death in the family recently, lots of stuff going on and having to take care of business. Plus I haven't seen anything impressive. I choose not to say anything if I'm going to sound like a basher, and all of you know that's not me. I feel that's what they want us to do. All I keep hearing is welcome to a frigging turtle race, Fuch that!!! At least Mel did hang some carrots out there!!! I'm holding some $3.50 Jan. 2015's. Don't hold nearly as much in Siri anymore...got to boring... I got to have something with adrenaline....something that gets your blood pumping, Siri hasn't done that for me in a long time!!! I guess I lost my Mojo!!! Gl my friends.