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Thread: Pandora down 10% on earnings

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    Video - Barton Crockett downgraded Pandora yesterday with an $11 price target

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    Pandora is dead money in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by midas360 View Post
    Pandora is dead money in my opinion.
    Down over 30% year to date. Internet radio has been around since the 90's with hundreds of millions of listeners, and still nobody has figured out a way to turn it into a strong cash flow business. Business models matter.

    My belief is Sirius will always use internet radio specifically as an add-on retention tool to drive sat subs. It is the perfect way to keep sat subs listening outside of the car - in the home, office, and on their phones. And eventually they will add internet on demand and customization inside the car to supplement the sat experience. But only as a supplement.
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    Pandora down about 60% since last February. Wonder if the price hits single digits this year?

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    Next up is Jay Z aacquiring Aspiro ( streaming services WiMP and Tidal). It never ends.........No barrier to entry

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    Pandora price down almost 20% today on earnings. Remember when all the bloggers ever talked about was internet radio - Pandora Slacker and on and on.... So glad that Pandora went public because now everybody can see that BUSINESS MODELS MATTER!!!!

    By the way Sirius is coming out with new improved apps in the first half of this year.I love that it is not free and is an add-on to to paying sat subs. Real value there to listeners and investors alike! Repeat after Mel - BUSINESS MODELS MATTER!!!! Go Sirius! Biggest radio company in the world based on REVENUE!
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