Has anyone ever had this problem? I lost my wallet and had to replace all the credit cards. I didn't update my CC info with Sirius and so after a big past due payment, my subscrption was cancelled. I resubscribed and everything was working fine except about a week later I noticed that my service in my car (an aftermarket Alpine) was lost. I would call and then they bwould refresh the signal and it would be fine until the next time I turned the car off. Here's the kicker- I get one of two messages when I try to pcik up any channel other than the adverstisement channel- I get "channel unsubscirbed" when I hit the presets. But they scrolling across the screen the rest of the time it says "subscription updated, press any key to continue."

I've clled may be 10-15 times to have the signal refreshed and done it online as many times as well. The help overseas was of limited use besides refreshing the signal. I tried going on their Facebook page and and that help was better, and fianlly heard back from a guy but they said they would e-mail me information and never did.

Marty in Md.