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Thread: SIRI Monthly thread for July

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    You can add me to the group that's stuck around as well.
    Hoping you the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hedymoney View Post
    You can add me to the group that's stuck around as well.
    Hoping you the best.
    There`s someone here also my friend.

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    The only thing missing from SXM as a service is Station Personalization. I do like the option plugging in an artist and hearing like artists as long as the algo works well. The SXM slider feature is meh at best. How hard could it possibly be to spend some of that FCF on developing (or purchasing) a functional personalization service? This is not some out of the box idea nor does it need to be. Meyer must be aware of the features that pull customers to other streaming services and it's not always just because it's free. ......... I'm really holding out hopes for a bid on Spotify.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dm_4 View Post
    Well Denco....we waited this fn long, whats six more months lol. Unreal.

    I think you and I are part of the very few who have stuck it out this long as siri core holdouts go.
    Also I. Have not sold any core since 2009. Up until 9 months ago, I thought I was brilliant! Now I am not so sure as I watch my other minor investments gain light years beyond Sirius without any effort. I still believe very strongly in the manipulation theory which suggests that although Sirius has been slammed, there will be a point where it will be set free in order to allow significant gains. The trick is of course, when to sell. Right now I would be very happy to unload all at anything north of $4. I am just not certain if that will even happen any time soon (or even at all). Does anyone know if the 'special committee" to review Liberty's buyout offer had ever been dissolved? And if not, why else other than to help engineer another buyout offer? I don't think Liberty has ever given up their outright acquisition agenda and will probably crawl out if the woodpile with another very soon.

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    The problem with the current set up......Siri shareholders and Liberty at odds.......they will probably not do anything "big" that will really move the stock up-EDIT-$5+- until they acquire us or have repurchased enough shares for Liberty ownership interest to be high enough for a higher offer to not be as big a cash outlay to Liberty. Once they get what they want they will move SIRI forward with everything that is being kept under wraps.....LMCA is calling the shots, like it or not. Time to become one...

    EDIT: Bottom line, nothing else matters as long as LMCA treats us like a redheaded step child. When they want a stock to move it moves. Just look at the CHTR chart and what has happened to CHTR since Liberty increased its stake in the $128 range just 2 months ago.


    They love CHTR........SIRI, not so much, at least not yet.
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    $6 billion in "announced" buy backs. Seems like enough cash to reduce the number of outstanding shares by 25%, or more. Yet the SP does nothing... TOTAL BS!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlapShot27 View Post
    $6 billion in "announced" buy backs. Seems like enough cash to reduce the number of outstanding shares by 25%, or more. Yet the SP does nothing... TOTAL BS!!
    This is the type of sh!t that emboldens the Shorts. Isn't this the kind of news that should send the shorts into a frenzy to cover?

    But you're right. We can't get a decent move up to save our lives.

    Hopefully just a little "back & fill" and not a "fill & f@ck you"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf Child View Post
    I'm taking the $2B share repurchase program as a positive earnings pre announcement.

    But I can't help to feel tentative about the sp as they have tanked it to get shares cheap every other time...... Once bitten

    Edit: what up Hedy!
    20 million shares traded in one hour, yet only a slight increase in SP. Seems to support the Wolf-man's "feel tentative" assertion: People want shares but are cautious about what they are willing to pay for them

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    Rupert Murdoch bids $75 billion for Time Warner... Somebody is makin money out there

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