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Thread: SIRI Monthly thread for July

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    Looking forward to the article, SF. Can't see why SA wouldn't let it publish either.

    The converts didn't come to mind until I saw your post. It makes sense. Would be a great bonus to get those done now instead of waiting till December and dragging the uncertainty of the effects on a few more months. What ever the reason for the ASR it is still a way to get shares without stirring things up too much by buying in the market at those levels. Maybe we get a bit more on Monday or Tuesday when Liberty has their annual followed by earnings.

    I agree Steiny, Lots of short term shenanigans that should be very positive long term. Frustrated with the short term BS though. It's time for some meaningful action that will move this SP.

    They have been snapping up shares in big chunks DM...unfortunately at the expense of the retail investor. Retail now holds but 17% ish of outstanding shares.
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