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Thread: SIRI Monthly thread for July

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    Always good to here from you, come back now and then. Thanks for the Info, hope your right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by just sirius View Post
    Slapshot...I talked with Cos about 3 weeks ago...he stated that his treatment was going about as well as can be expected...getting ready to start 2nd round of chemo. If I hear anything...I'll let y'all know!!!

    Thanks JS... It always sad when bad things happen to good people. Wishing/praying for Cos to have the physical and mental strength to persevere and beat his illness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faulkner_SA View Post
    As one more bit of confidence... I offered this up to Facebook which I just keep as friends and family. Extremely rare I do that for obvious reasons.

    Also saving grace on the inverted cup and handle is that handle is a low and slow grind... atypical... usually it is much faster if it's a true C/H like 2011 / 2012 $2.40 / $1.27 / $2.40 / $1.87 (or so). I'd say potential C/H comes out of this from last year $4.18 / $2.98 / future $4.18 area. That'll be the point to watch for it to pull back... so many people wait for recent highs to sell... just because "it's where it was." Just watch the 50
    Thanks S. Faulkner for your opinions and insights- and thanks to all those who post here in support of this community. I KNOW I APPRECIATE IT!!

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    thankyou Stephen ,....and thankyou Steiney for posting your numbers the other day...................good point Stephen on the quiet move going into the call , a good run up after the news will be a much better solid/supportive(long money) run up as opposed to the usual pre call speculitive/trade run up that sells on the news. optimistic about tuesday , good luck to all !

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    J S , tell Cos i said hi , my thoughts and prayers go out.

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    Did AAPL just smack us down?

    SIRI is so weak.

    Can't wait for the day that I can comfortably pull the plug on this diarrhea filled bath tub of a stock.

    I can almost hear St. Dick and Crunching #'s ticking away at their keyboards.

    Earnings and CC better be strong!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf Child View Post
    I can almost hear St. Dick and Crunching #'s ticking away at their keyboards.
    Earnings and CC better be strong!
    No joke! SA just published another smackdown.

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    A lot of Options activity

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    3.36 huh?

    If we miss tomorrow, I'm gonna short this pig down with everything I got.

    Don't care anymore. Being long has been the wrong trade for almost a year. It's the shorts who have been repeatedly rewarded.

    I will make money tomorrow. period.

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    Either not so good numbers leaked or just the usual Sirius "wtf" nonsense. Either way I don't have much confidence going into the CC. Good call or bad, the outcome will probably be consistently disappointing. Good luck all!

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