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I agree dm.

I haven't added anything to my SIRI position in a year. Instead, I have built larger positions in other companies and thank God I did or I'd be in the red instead of green for the year.

I don't have billions of dollars to keep me content while the buybacks and whatever the future plan is to play out like our fine Dr. malone.
I just looked back at the year chart. 9 months ago we had hit 4.18....and have hit a low of 3.00 not all that long ago. Thats a loss close to 70k dollars in that span for me. crazy. If i do the math from 4.18 to where we sit currently 3.36ish....thats a loss of closer to 50k. I aint exactly having a case of the warm and fuzzies right now. Not sure how much longer i can leave my $ sitting in a stock that is going backwards and not forwards. GLTA