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Thread: SIRI Monthly Thread 06/1/2014 - 06/30/2014 GoSpursGo

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    Funny wolf...and not to mention im a bad speller to boot My avatar is prob a cow....but in my mind it is a siri bull!!

    interesting link...thanks for posting.

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    F@ck...... I just made a GRIP on GoPro

    c'mon Malone, make a BIG move, I'm getting bored.

    EDIT: Is SXM trying to cram themselves down Google's throat? I hope they are.

    "We are excited to work with YouTube on creating The YouTube 15 and to put a spotlight on the songs and artists emerging out of the world's largest music video platform," said Scott Greenstein, President and Chief Content Officer, SiriusXM. "Our nationwide audience tunes to SiriusXM Hits 1 as the home of the best pop music and the first place to play new artists and new music. With The YouTube 15, we will take that promise of music discovery even further, delivering songs emerging from YouTube directly into the car and also through the SiriusXM app for smartphones and tablets."

    "YouTube is fundamentally about connecting fans with their favorite creators and artists, anytime on any device you're using. That's why we're working on The YouTube 15 with our friends at SiriusXM, who share our goal of supporting great new music from today's well known artists and emerging stars," said Vivien Lewit, Director, Music Partnerships, YouTube.
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    Heads up, internet crooners: your tunes just might make the leap from the web to the radio... sort of. YouTube announced earlier this morning that it inked a deal with SiriusXM to bring the streaming video service's new and trending tracks to a new weekly show called the YouTube 15. The show -- which'll air on Sirius' Hits 1 pop station -- will be helmed by YouTube personality Jenna Marbles when it premieres on July 11, but it's only one part of Google's big new music push. Don't forget, it's also preparing to launch subscription-based music features on YouTube, though exactly when that'll happen (or how they'll work) is anyone's guess. The timing is pretty curious though: with a subscription service waiting in the wings, this SiriusXM deal seems well-equipped to get people thinking about YouTube as more than just a repository for cat videos and viral hits. No, it's a place where people actually discover and consume music; Google's going to make sure all of us know that soon enough.


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    looks like these OEM deals are helping the cause Bass....maybe we some good sub #s to push us over the top and back towards the $4 area.

    Nice to see you DM!.....good to hear you're still in with the longs. Maybe we'll all be rewarded for holding on to the dog for all these years. I like the Goog/Utube info Wolf posted......can't hurt, thats for sure.

    Wolf....U the man! Thanks for the info.

    On vacation with the family.....South Padre Island. Had a hard time logging in and posting from my lap top.....finally got it done. HAve a great weekend all!!......GoSursGo!!

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    I'm offering some discounts on all my different subscription plans through July 4th. If you join with a buddy, email me and I'll get you both a little better rate even...

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