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Thread: SIRI Monthly Thread 06/1/2014 - 06/30/2014 GoSpursGo

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    The lack of participation here makes me think that people have sold and moved on. Some people have cut loses and some people have final locked in massive gains.

    I miss the good ole days when the stock ran down to a few pennies -- the action and traffic here was awesome (not to mention buying opportunities).
    Charles LaRocca
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    Last year I moved half my position from Sirius to LMCA. Very happy with the STRZA spin out. Not so happy with Sirius.
    Maybe I shouldn't have but I did read through the transcript of the "Sirius XM Holdings (SIRI) Presents at Morgan Stanley Leveraged Finance Conference"
    Interesting read - David Frear very positive years out (ie after LMCA has done what it wants)
    (notice drop off in growth) "So we’ll go from the 60 million today to roughly 120 million in another five years time and five years after that the 120 million will go to roughly 150 million."
    "Ultimately will be more in 10 years from now, that our used car trial opportunities should be roughly triple what the new car opportunities are. But it’s like everything else in the automotive world it takes a long time to get there. Average first car ownership is about six years. The average second car ownership is about four years and then third car ownership another four years." Where does he get these numbers - in my group (family, friends) the ownership is much longer.
    12,000 dealers sending mailing info with VIN to SiriusXM which then contacts buyers - "the used car business so far we’ve seen low 30% conversion rates." "The dealers that we’re working with probably will cover about a third of used car sales." David realizes the majority of car owners choose not to pay for the service.
    Discusses free vs. pay "look at who’s actually paying to listen that the -- we totally dominate the performance metrics here, right at 25.8 million listeners, we have subscriber in the U.S. compare to 3.5 million paying subscribers for Pandora and estimated 3 million for Spotify, 1.7 million for Rhapsody." .... "Let’s terrestrial radio, it’s not over 200 million listeners, what was their business plan. Music, talk, news, sports, weather, traffic, a lot of content, people like a lot of content that they love music it’s great lot of people listen to it. But I think what makes the content sort of compelling is the breadth, the diversity that we can bring, the depth that we can bring in different owners and it’s doing something more than just in undifferentiated music product." SiriusXM $149/subscriber Terrestrial $12/listener Pandora $8/listener "We’re about to, as of the call, our earnings call we were 2.3 billion of cumulative repurchases. The board has authorized up to 4 billion so far. We think the stock remains cheap in the market today. So that we think this is a good opportunity to buy."
    Questions & Answers
    SiriusXM has a small group of people marketing (going after) small markets (trucks, boats, airplanes). Insignificant to the big picture but very profitable per subscriber.
    Read the Transcript for yourself (provided you have the time; or as in my case - make the time).
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    Congrats denco! Go spurs! 6/15-6/21

    We must be going Int'l soon..... Why else do this?

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    Thanks Wolf!!....

    It couldn't of happened to a better group of guys......real proud of my team. The Heat are a class act. The mutual respect amongst the 2 teams is apparent. Just hope my Big Dog Tim doesn't hang em up. This group has another run in it....great mix of vets and youth.

    Interesting link......wonder what they have up their sleeve......SIRI that is....GoSpursGo!!
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    F@ck **** f@ck!!!!!!! Ubss came back 2 minutes ago with their big ass wall and dropped us again !!

    Clear that sh!t out already!!
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    Top of my list today is to congratulate Denco and all Spurs fans. As a Heat follower since their inception, I was so overwhelmed by the quality of play from the Spurs that I didn't even bother to watch the last quarter of the final three games. Those Spurs really showed who's best in the NBA.

    To respond to Charles' comment about the changing landscape here in the SIRI forum. I was significantly invested from 2009 when we all feared the worst. I accumulated a great amount of wealth due to all the fortuitous trades, but decided in the past few weeks (after being all out, back in with a token venture, then finally out again with a generous gain), I tired of the constant vigil as the price seemed to oscillate in a tight range seemingly forever.

    I must confess also that I was rudely awakened a few months ago to the reality that I was turning into a stock junkie which may be okay when one is not playing primarily with his total retirement savings. It's scary, and painful to realize and admit that my ediction had cast caution to the wind, but I fully awakened when one day I took a 15% loss due to a death knell delivered by SEC to what I hoped to be a profitable gamble.

    Moral of my story Charles, is that as I enter into the depths of Senior Citizenship I have pulled my remaining savings into a moderately conservative strategy of asset allocation utilizing ETFs to diversify for optimum growth and security. Presently, I have retained only 20% of assets to help pacify my urge to trade frequently, but even that approach is structured through a subscription to So far, that strategy is serving my needs quite nicely............ In the meantime, I frequently monitor what and who is participating here at siriusbuzz, and I certainly have no plans to abandon the contacts and relationships gained here.

    Brian's last post reminds me of that other place where many of us first were acquainted. Just out of curiosity, I wonder what's the latest with BM. What a loser that guy is/was. Is he still trying to be a stock picking advisor?
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    Hi Sly...Thanks

    You're Heat are true champs and a great group. They gave it their all and should be proud of their epic run.

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    I totally forgot we are doing a Monthly thread not WEEKLY.... hEY cHARLES!! cAN YOU MERGE THIS THREAD WITH THE MONTHLY ONE AND DELETE THIS ONE? THANKS

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