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Thread: SIRIUS XM Weekly Stock Talk 5/26-6/1

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    3.23 huh?

    I f'n knew we'd get dragged down below 3.25 again because that seems to be high end of the buyback range.....

    sold some@ 3.30-3.35 but obviously not enough.

    Edit: Getting chewed up and spit out. Bought into the massive buying @3.32 head fake when we dipped to 3.26...... all pain from there. Equal opposite reaction?

    Anyone still here?
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    Russel 2000 Index rebalancing today. Lot's of selling and volatility created.

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    Thanks Geo..... i thought it was yesterday

    Sirius XM Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: SIRI) has a huge amount of stock heading for the sell desk. A whopping 5,472,480 shares are to be sold. While that does seem like a large amount of stock to sell, it only represents 10% of the company’s huge daily trading volume. The consensus price target for the satellite radio company is $4.25. The stock closed Wednesday at $3.30.

    Sometimes a rebalance can truly move a stock, and sometimes you would never know it was happening. Much can depend on other news of analysts’ comments that come out during the day. One thing is for sure, as the clock ticks down on Friday, expect to see some volume come in to the trading of these names.

    Read more: Top Stocks That Will See Big Selling as the Russell Rebalances Friday - Corning (NYSE:GLW) - 24/7 Wall St.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf Child View Post

    Anyone still here?
    I'm still around reading. I bailed out the other day at 3.30. I'm looking to get in again at 3.18 right now. I'll reevaluate if need be. I've just been going for the base hits the last 2 or 3 weeks. The 3.30 I dropped where bought at 3.18

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    Edit: * As far as what I can tell*, today was the MSCI re-balancing (re-weighting), Russell takes place in June.
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    Hey everybody.I have been a long time lurker here.
    Decided to post when I noticed on the Charles Schwab client news feed for less than 12 Form 4 SEC filings.My understanding is these can be insider buys or sells.Could they be responsible for the high volume we have had?I tried to do a screen capture but was unsucsesful.They are from various executives including Greg Maffei.
    Thanks to all the long time posters here your insight is greatly appreciated.

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    Those Form 4s are from May 22 and are registered stock options to all Board members approved at annual meeting. All were issued 61634k shares that are exercisable as of 5/20/2015 and expire 5/24/2024 at a price of 3.35/share.
    61634 x 12 = 739608k shares...less than 1mn

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    Thank you.Denco.most appreciated. I understand now.

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    Denco, looks like our "Game is On" again this year. That was a hell-of-a-game last night for the Spurs. It looked a little "iffy" for a fleeting moment, but now our respective favorites are set for a showdown beginning Thursday night. May the best team win.

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    Hey SLy...yes, it was a great way to close out the series on the road. My Spurs need the rest going into this rematch against the defending champs. Should be a great series.....agreed, may the best team win....can't wait for Thursday.

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