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Thread: Sirius Lifetime Subscription

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    Sirius Lifetime Subscription

    I am seeking a Sirius Lifetime Subscription with Full Access to all the channels. If anyone has a Sirius Lifetime Subscription with Full Access for sale, via PayPal, please let me know. Please also let me know the terms and conditions of the lifetime subscription. I am interested in a lifetime subscription only on the Lynx (I have a Lynx but I would also consider buying one that has the lifetime subscription as part of the package).

    Thank you!

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    Lifetime subscriptions cannot be transferred to another user. They are tied to a single owner and can only be transferred by that owner to a new piece of hardware.

    If you had a friend you could trust, you could buy their hardware with the subscription already on it but, if you didn't know the person they could easily sell you the hardware, call siriusxm, and transfer the lifetime to their new radio.

    Hope this helps.
    Charles LaRocca
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