Hello all,

I have a sirius subcription in my '69 Mustang and have had it working for more than a year now.

About 2 weeks ago, I turned this tuner on and the screen displayed a message saying "New update(s) available. Press any button to continue". I did this and only get audio on channel 1. The rest of the channels display correctly, but there is no audio when changing to them.

Subscription is up to date and multiple signal resets have been done. I talked to customer service and their tech support to no avail. I still only have audio on channel 1. The chucklehead from tech support said I need to take it to a technician.

There is an antenna signal present etc... I have cycled power on the head unit, disconnected and re-connected the antenna with no change.

I do not understand why I would need to take it to a tech if I am receiving channel 1 perfectly fine and my subscription is current. It seems to me that it is a Sirius issue to my radio. My other car has Sirius also and there is no issue what-so-ever.

Any input or sggestions would be greatly appreciated.