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Thread: Sirius XM Weekly Stock Talk 04/07/14 to 04/13/14

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    Sirius XM Weekly Stock Talk 04/07/14 to 04/13/14

    What kind of Maloney-Baloney will we face this week???

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    My 3.14 is waiting to be filled. It had better go back up after we clear this gap.

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    My 3.13 filled. Time to pull a Wolfe and flip...I hope

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    Quote Originally Posted by BJH View Post
    My 3.13 filled. Time to pull a Wolfe and flip...I hope
    got it too. i'm not flipping mine.

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    The thing that may be the heaviest factor on the sp is the apparent correction the Nasdaq has been experiencing. Down 200 points since last Thursday with Sirius tracking the decline. I would not put too much faith in any solid turn around until the nasdaq stabilizes. Technology sector continues to be slammed. Hopefully this correction is nearing an end and it may be a good time to buy.
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    Getting my A$$ kicked in a pretty diversified way today.

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    Nasdaq has come back some, you would think SIRI would follow suit...eventually.

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    wonder what would have happened to us over the past few days had the 3.13 gap not been there.

    guess we'll see what kind of bounce we resume.

    Edit: Bought some LMCA @123.50.... Seems pretty cheap and support looks decent, realizing if it breaks I'll pick up much more @110
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    Sorry guys I just bought some at 3.12.....whenever I buy SIRI it goes down right after I buy. Can't say that for anything besides this dog.

    Correction I got shares at 3.115
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