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Thread: Sirius Xm Weekly Stock Talk 3/31/14 - 4/6/14

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    Trying to fill yesterdays gap @ 3.24-3.26 seemingly.

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    Back to $3.15? Ouch!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf Child View Post
    please God don't let the 3.13 gap fill

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    Seems like Liberty is on a losing streak lately. First the failed low ball.Sirius takeover, then the failed low ball TWC takeover, (and the subsequent desperate letter to shareholders not to accept the current winning competitors bid) and now bailing from Barnes and Noble as it surely was a weak investment. I wonder if the street will interpret these consistent losing propositions as an indication of general weakness and poor decisions? It certainly does not improve the image of Sirius to be strongly tied to this current Liberty IMO...

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    We WILL get "Right On Track".

    Enjoy this retro tune from 1987, very EDM for it's time, and a HILARIOUS video, especially the back up chickens....

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    We finally get some traction based on positive data and now we get hit for being listed on the Nasdaq?


    Just gotta keep wingin' it I guess

    edit: Gap #1 filled. I bought it......... because I'm stupid.
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    My small 3.25 re-buy filled. I have 60% of my re-buy waiting to see if we fill 3.13.

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    Stupid move yesterday, bought 30k shares 10k each at 3.29, 3.28, & 3.27. Panicked after seeing the 3.15 print early am and smartly sold all at 3.32 with a small profit. Whew! Also holding for that 3.13 gap fill. I hope it comes and goes quickly! I really don't need any more adrenaline and cortisol flooding my system!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdp. View Post
    Panicked after seeing the 3.15 print early am
    did not see that.


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    Seems to be tracking the Nasdaq following it down. At least Sirius is not the usual odd man out! So unless the market drops a bit further, maybe we will not fill 3.13.

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