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Thread: SiriusXM Weekly Stock Talk 03/24/14 to 03/30/14

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    Quote Originally Posted by radejs View Post
    As Red Cloud would say...."Fuch It", in for more at 3.176
    Had my order in at $3.08, never filled. I do feel today was the day to buy, but who knows? Don't see no head and shoulders.

    What's bad is our CEO hasn't spoke out on our behalf but what twice in six months, and to tell you the truth I don't think he was then. We need to have Malones taxes audited, for this year and previous years. Something just tells me he's the shorter...This is wrong. I just feel bad for the common folks, anybody that's down, ought to try to average down if they can. If you have to destroy your brothers and sisters to be a billionaire, I won't never be a billionaire. I just want what God provides, there's a reason for everything.
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