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Thread: SiriusXM Daily Stock Talk - St. Patty's - 3/22/2014

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    Morning... anyone been watching or playing the marijuana stocks? Everyone in chat has been. We are no playing FITX. Anyone here playing it? There's not value but all speculation and run-up.

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    Apparently Sirius is still trading in tandem with Liberty.

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    No word on meetings with Barrington yesterday and today .

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    Does insider trading count as manipulation?

    I guess it depends on the details.......... can't wait

    EDIT: Great post down there bdp. Yes.
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    Anyone still interested in a petition? This time also calling for a class action suit against Liberty, Mallone and his cronies to the tune of a dollar + per outstanding share, which is about where we would minimally most likely have been by now ($4.50 range) if the sp had not been annihilated by Liberty's criminal shenanigans and disregard of their fiduciary duty to us, the shareholders. I fear the sp has suffered deep damage at this point as was planned by Malone in order to acquire the entire company for a song. It is obvious to me that this was the plan all along and no matter what the news is now that he has dropped his persuit, investors remain either overly cautious or avoiding Sirius like the plague. As investors, we all know the true value of this company. The only reason it has become a crap shoot is because of the ease of which we can be abused without anyone rising to our rescue. At this point, A multi billion class action suit filed against Malone and Liberty will be the only way to get the attention and fair share price we all have suffered for and deserve. Liberty should not be allowed to get away with this any longer! It is a sleaze ball company run by a group of scum bags! Please post comments. This should be done before Liberty swoops in and grabs the rest of the company for next to nothing.

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    Schaeffers investment Research reporting very bullish Call activity

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    Meh.... Old news

    ""According to the SEC’s complaint filed in U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey, the insider trading scheme began in early February 2009 at a bar in New York City when Metro met the middleman and other friends for drinks. When Metro and the middleman separated from the rest of their friends and began discussing stocks, the middleman expressed concern about his holdings in Sirius XM Radio and his fear that the company may go bankrupt. Metro divulged that Liberty Media Corp. planned to invest more than $500 million in Sirius, and said he obtained this information by viewing documents at the law firm where he worked. As a result, the middleman later called Eydelman and told him to buy additional shares of Sirius. Eydelman expressed similar concern about Sirius’ struggling stock, but the middleman assured him that his reliable source was a friend who worked at a law firm. Following the public announcement of the deal, whose news coverage noted that Simpson Thacher acted as legal counsel to Sirius, Eydelman acknowledged to the middleman, “Nice trade.” The middleman told Metro following the announcement that he had set aside approximately $7,000 for Metro as a “thank you” for the information. Instead of taking the money, Metro told the middleman to leave it in his brokerage account and invest it on Metro’s behalf based on confidential information that he planned to pass him in the future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf Child View Post
    Does insider trading count as manipulation?

    I guess it depends on the details.......... can't wait

    EDIT: Great post down there bdp. Yes.
    I am interested as well, bdp.

    What are you referencing Wolf?....details of what?

    EDIT: Just saw your post Wolf...

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    Well.... last one to leave, turn the light out

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