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Thread: SiriusXM Daily Stock Talk - St. Patty's - 3/22/2014

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    be sweet to see it stay above 0.70 today

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    the only green i'm seeing from SIRI

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    Hey Meyers, you sure know how to instill confidence in your investors. Never seen a CEO take this approach, not a good one anyway, your not out of the woods. You can't hideout forever. Why'd you spend our money on a committee again? Only to let Liberty come out and make you look like a wuss again. I'd get tired of that Skit!!! And all you told the ones that made your salary possibly was, "Business as Usual, carry on!!!" imo, I think that's Horse Malarky!!! I still think the minority investors should call for a vote of confidence on you!!! I guess your every decision relies on Liberty and your posse' of thinkers we are paying for!!! That's the way it's looking. I'm giving you to the end of this week to show what you stand for, imo only a billionaire would have the capability to surpress and manipulate a stock to his bidding, and I wouldn't be surprised if one hasn't been sucking up the profits from all the call option losses on this stock for the last few months, it would be interesting to find out who bought up all them puts the last few months and see who they are affiliated with? Come Friday Meyers, things are gonna change. It really don't even matter, just your actions so far speaks volumes. You have done pissed off one of the strongest Siri Bulls ever!!! How does a good CEO do that? Why would a CEO alienate themselves from their shareholders?

    On a positive note the chart looks promising...

    Lakefun I said way back, Phot was the next MJNA, congrats! TRTC has been tearing it up too, it's retracing now. I'm long Fitx. Hemp has retraced and will go back up. It's a gravy train over there. Risky, but a whole lot more excitement than Siri at the moment. Fitx is affiliated with phot in a joint venture, where they receive Phot shares, so any price movement in Phot ought too affect Fitx. They've been bashing the skit out of it trying to hold it down, that's got to be a sign...they can't hold it down forever, my DD says it's a very legit company. imo
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    I`m no.2 on all that Redcloud. I`m staying 1 more wk. If no good move from here, OUT. After 9 F---ing yrs. of BS, I can`t watch it any more. It`s like being in a hospital watching someone die.

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    Like your choice of songs too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by njbones1 View Post
    I`m no.2 on all that Redcloud. I`m staying 1 more wk. If no good move from here, OUT. After 9 F---ing yrs. of BS, I can`t watch it any more. It`s like being in a hospital watching someone die.
    I didn't say I was getting all out ( I got some Jan 2015's @$3.50 I'm gonna hold onto), just gonna have a new strategy as far as dealing with it. More of a preemptive one. If they ain't gonna let us know what's going on, I'll start looking for someone that will make them, someone they have no authority over. In as many places as possible. They don't want no attention!!! They want to brush this under a rug. Dish or DirectTV has no way of accessing a car except through an App, They want our technology we longs paid for!!! I'll be going down swinging!!! I'm just through with the BS...and lack of transparency!!! When CEO's go into hiding, something crooked has to be up. Imo Evidently they like to put the heat on us, I'm gonna flip the script!!! We are gonna see some daylight!!!

    Really, what did Meyers do, besides come out from behind the curtain and say "Yeah, What I said last time, and buybacks are effective immediately.imo" Thanks for the information I already knew Now he's right back behind the curtain again Come out Come out wherever you are!!! Last chance

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    They are meeting with Barrington today and tomorrow,better have some news Tues. or Wed. latest.

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    Does DirectTV offer broadband? I know Dish does. Maffia has options he could sell, within the next 60 days.

    " Depending on market conditions, Liberty may engage in further discussions with the Special Committee of the Issuer’s board of directors.In addition, Liberty also announced it intends to sell shares of the Issuer’s common stock remaining to be sold under and pursuant to the Share Repurchase Agreement."

    What a Joke!!!
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    With usage-based insurance (UBI) and Pay As You Drive (PAYD) insurance programs, insurance companies are trying to improve the correlation of these variables to the actual quality of the driver. Safe drivers are considered to have a lower risk of damaging their vehicle and, therefore, are less likely to file a claim on their insurance policy.

    Aftermarket Telematics via Bluetooth

    Recently, vehicles are being equipped with a variety of informational systems such as navigation systems, Sirius and XM satellite radio systems, two-way satellite services, built-in cell phones, DVD players and the like. These systems are sometimes interconnected for increased functionality.

    Who's got two-way satellite services Meyers?
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    Trying to keep me here with these teasers, YES ?

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