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Thread: Forget streaming, what about Live Nation?

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    Forget streaming, what about Live Nation?

    Over the years all the talk about Sirius is about going into or competing with the money losing streaming services. Pandora, Spotify Slacker, the list never ends. What about the music play that actually is growing cash flow every year with great EBITDA margins? What about live music that doesn't compete with the internet? What about the content and cross promotional synergies between Sirius and Live Nation?

    Obviously Liberty has chosen to invest in 2 music related plays - Sirius and Live Nation and neither follow the internet radio business model. Maybe one day they will come together. Everybody wants Sirius to grow in the music streaming business. How about growing in a profitable music business - Live Nation?

    May be slower growing than Sirius EBITDA growth rates but certainly no comparison to the cash flow bleeding streamers.

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    Another plus that Live Nation brings is global presence. Something that Sirius lacks right now. Agero has global presence potential with the car manufacturers as well and that was a positive in that Sirius transaction. I am hoping that Liberty pulls Sirius and Live Nation together one day. I see alot of synergies between the 2 companies with an emphasis on more exclusive content for Sirius. They both have big future cash flow growth potential and are profitable plays in music. Don't see too many of those. I see growth. I hope Liberty moves in that direction in the future. It can only help Sirius.

    People don't listen to radio for the distribution mechanism - satellite, terrestrial, or streaming. They listen for the content. Content is King!
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    Good stuff!

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