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Thread: SiriusXM Daily Stock Talk 03/10/14 to 03/16/14

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    Malone is a seeming like a sociopath. His hunger for power and control outweighs any regard for anyone whom he may hurt in the process of feeding his selfish greed. He can care less about shareholders. So long as his agenda is fulfilled he is satisfied.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf Child View Post
    yeah 3.35 and 3.25

    when we are beaten down this bad I buy at just about every .10 increment all the way down.

    oversold means OVER-SOLD
    I agree. It's hard for me to pull the trigger down here but it is oversold.

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    I also have a buy in for 3.35. Will probably fill, but oversold or not, doesn't seem to make a difference. Sp keeps tanking along with liberty sp.

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    I called LMCA tanking as soon as the deal was offered. Some would disagree with me but I believe wholeheartedly that Team Malone/Maffei would tank their own stock if it would create a lower purchase price for SIRI.... a deal that they have recently and repeatedly downplayed and made out to be insignificant.

    Nothing but hate

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    I couldn't agree more!

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    I`ll bet that someone on their team reads articles that are posted here, and they get a chuckle out of putting us thru this. How many of you remember when Stern came on, stock was around $9. Went down to .05 from there. Lets hope we never see something like that again. It`s always been a den of thieves involved with this Co. While all these drops were happening our leaders just kept giving themselves more Options. Makes me sick, but I`m still here, maybe I should see a shrink ?

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    After days of contemplation I finally came to my senses and a old off some to buy lower. Of course my lower order never filled and I have successfully burned myself in the process. Glad to see the sp rise nevertheless. But not trusting any support. Probably tank at the close as usual.

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    At current LMCA price of 128.40 deal is only worth 3.25 to us.

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    The only stock I have my radar is....u guessed it...SIRI

    Everything else is wayyyy overbought and has been for some time. SAVE looks like it's topped here at $60ish(ofcourse I said that at $55 too)

    FUEL cell stocks are on a wild ride! PLUG was down 40% yesterday and 15% today and is now up 15%. #casinostock

    Ok getting back to SIRI. I'm as ticked off as any of you. It's such BS. I don't wanna buy back in with the deal in place.

    One of these days after hours a counter offer will be made....prolly something lame like 3.78!

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    For longs like me it has been a tool job since the BS range announcement from 3.66 to 4.18 from LMCA to sell back some shares.

    What an awful investment SIRI has been. Selling in the $4s and shorting this POS would have been a huge winner.


    It's all hate at this point. When they/LMCA decide they have screwed us long enough and the stock starts to recover I will look to get out of this POS.

    P up 4+% today
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