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Thread: SiriusXM Daily Stock Talk 03/10/14 to 03/16/14

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    Not sure how that works or how it would be beneficial but if it is count me in.

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    I'm down, just show me where to sign!

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    Tired of the useless SiriusXM press releases that have been pumping out this past week for 50 Cent, Soccer, Naomi Campbell, Cole Swindell Concert etc..... SHOW US THE MONEY!

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    Just to be sure we are all on the same page, what exactly would be our case stated as clearly and succinctly as possible? Post thoughts here and I will work on it tonight.

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    I'm on mobile right now bdp, but I'll try to come up with something when I have a keyboard in front of me. With all the longs on here I'm sure we could all come up with multiple valid conflicts of interest, us as shareholders have been exposed to by our management over the years. And transgressions our majority shareholder has inflicted upon us. I've always thought Liberty was behind the paid bashing campaigns as well as shorting us under the table so they could make money both ways plus control the price to eventually buy us on the cheap. I know of no CEO that would handle this the way Meyers is, unless he's in on the gig, which of course I also believe. All my opinion of course. I just want to petition for a legitimate investigation!!!

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    I would sign petition also.

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    Here`s another one.

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    Our deal now worth 3.19 with LMCA at 126.19

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    Well my 3.36 buy filled today. I definitely will be flipping it if we get any up trend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf Child View Post
    "Sirius XM management to meet with Barrington
    Meetings to be held in Kansas City, MO on March 17 and in Minneapolis on March 18 hosted by Barrington.

    I'm in Minneapolis right now. Give me an address.

    66 days
    Thanks Wolfe, You Da Man!!!

    Wonder if they'll drop the news tomorrow, it's got to be extremely soon, so the talking head will have something to talk about Tuesday? He knows it's gonna "drop like a bomb" if he comes out and says their still thinking about it...

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