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Thread: SiriusXM Daily Stock Talk 03/10/14 to 03/16/14

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    With most stocks overbought and another correction looming, I don't think it matters that Sirius is currently oversold. It just gives it a chance to completely collapse right into Malones lap. But for some logic defying reason, I can't seem to let go!

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    The SEC ought to be investigating whether Malone and company has any relations to hedge funds!!! I'm sure Cramer knows!!! People of their status, don't get there unless their extremely smart like Bill Gates or criminal like Bernie Matoff!!! Malone's heard of shorting just as much as Bill G., Anybody heard of the Malone Foundation, I didn't think so!!! Greedy Bass Turd!!! Hey Meyer's where's our premium Mel was talking about? Sorry didn't mean too interrupt our 65 day multi thousand dollar thinking process so Malone's Cronies can pick up all that cheddar. How many Options you getting? Why come we never fulfilled that last $400,000,000 share buyback from the previous buyback program? How can you not fulfill your filings, your already past due? Better yet, where's that money at? Are you gonna put it in Malones back pocket? We are watching Meyers!!! You better hope no skeletons fall out of the closet. I personally, as an investor, call for a 'Vote of Confidence'!!!

    I told ya'll my chart looked like skit, I knew we were going down, over sold, macd crossing back down, and still bought back like a dummy (Hoping for some news), I'll get it back!!! GLA

    When's that Barringtons BS? If ya'll know who... doesn't announce a decision, we tank, imo
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    I think what RC is saying is he will be going to the shareholders meeting in May.

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    I'd rather send some lawyers!!! As far as I'm concerned, we have no representation!!! Unless someone considers 65 days representing...I don't want a counter offer!!! I'm flat out no dice to any offer. jmho
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    3.39, same price as May 5 last year. down .80 since then. Looking at LMCA results for 2013, says they purchased stock to get from 40% to 52% of SIRI for average price of 2.35 per share. Price at beginning of Jan. 2013 was 3.02, last day of Dec.2013 was 3.49. How do they buy at prices that much lower than everyone else ? They say Siri was the best deal they ever made, now worth 11 BIL. dollars. Thanks again Mel. 500 mil. gets back 11 billion. Now screw the shareholders for some more. Maybe someday Malone will be on T.V. show, AMERICAN GREED. O.K. Sorry for all this but I just lost it .

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    "Sirius XM management to meet with Barrington
    Meetings to be held in Kansas City, MO on March 17 and in Minneapolis on March 18 hosted by Barrington.

    I'm in Minneapolis right now. Give me an address.

    66 days

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    Evercore has an office in Minneapolis

    150 S. Fifth Street
    Suite 1330
    Minneapolis, MN 55402
    Tel: +1.612.656.2820
    Fax: +1.612.656.2830

    I am sending them an email too. They are just as much to blame as anyone for the delay.
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    What do you say we create an e- petition?

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    That's what I was thinking. Hey Malone, how bout some redistribution of wealth, some of which you've been stealing from SIRI shareholders, us little peons. It would be cool to see Obama wanting to take him on. If anything, a petition would put egg on their faces, if enough signed.
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    I'm sure we can get a boat load of signatures.

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