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Thread: SiriusXM Daily Stock Talk 03/10/14 to 03/16/14

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    We're screwed.

    Maffei is on a 52%/Chair power trip.... I don't agree with his take on what SIRI shareholders should be happy with and he will never give 2 sh!ts more about our views than what he does right now. I will be ringing the register every chance I get til I'm completely out on the way up (if there's a way up).

    .....and if SIRI @ 3.66 is such a premium then he was a f'n fool to not sell $4.10+

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    Anyone ever seen a bid significantly higher than the ask in AH and shares going thru??

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    How the hell is Maffei the CEO of Liberty and Chairman of the board of SIRI ? Can you say Conflict of interest, is he collecting double paychecks and who does he really look out for ?

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    Just got bad news, my order to sell SIRI at 3.85 was just cancelled.

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    I'm not sure if any of you guys access the blog via mobile devices but, I have made a number of improvements and I'm wondering if anyone has any feedback or noticed any bugs in the past. Some 25% of people are accessing SB via mobile so I want to make sure everything is usable for you mobile people.

    Thanks either way!
    Charles LaRocca
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    64 days........

    just emailed IR not that it will do any good
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf Child View Post
    64 days........

    just emailed IR not that it will do any good
    Unbelievable. I'm really starting to hate this stock. I emailed as well. Doesn't matter if I'm nice or not. I never get a response. Hopefully you do.

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    64 days?! What a load of shit.

    If Icahn wasn't so busy hammering away at the leaders of other companies he could help out the SIRI shareholder.

    Look at PHOT break thru .47!

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    Over the last few months I've noticed when CNBC has discussions about music services they usually talk about Pandora, I tunes and now Spotify. SiriusXm has not been part of these discussions. This Dog is now an after thought and not even worthy to be part of the discussion I quickly this Dog has fallen.

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    I can't understand why SXM hasn't come out with a streaming product more closely resembling either Spotify or P...... SXM 2.0 MySXM with it's "slider" function to curate music stations was a big disappointment.

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