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Thread: SiriusXM Daily Stock Talk 03/03/14 to 03/09/14

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    Last 3 days have had big trades right after the close. 1Mil. 250k and 500k, all at the low for the day. ?????

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    Why is our company restricted from buying shares til a decision, I bet Liberties not!!! In fact if they did they would be making money being they were the last one we bought shares from at a higher price. How's them nuts taste Meyers? Savor the flavor!!! Take your time, you'll be a connoisseur!!! You've lost all respect from your shareholders, sooner or later you'll be the only one that's pimped out, and when you've served your purpose, you'll see the door!!!

    The chart looks like SKIT!!!

    When the times get rough our CEO hides under a rock, and spends our money to pay for some thinkers to think for him!!! How brave!!! They must not be to good of thinkers, it's been 2 months!!! Thanks Meyers for wasting all of our money!!! It did say special committee!!! They must have rode the short bus!!!

    This crap is frigging retarded, who made him CEO anyway, Not Me!!! I think the skit needs to go to court. All these Beotches need to be put on the stand!!! They think they can roll over us Reets, because we are all just stupid over exaggerating investors as they would have most think!!! I got news for them!!! We might be naïve to their plans, but most of us here have been here from the beginning, Hell, most of us have been here longer than any of them, and I'm sure, any hard core Siri investor would testify to the trials and tribulations that we have been put through. While our so called leadership took us to the gallows time and time again, because they had no choice!!! I call BullSkit!!! Roll that up and smoke it!!!

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    We're hog tied, because our CEO is a Wussy and won't stand up for his minority shareholders!!!

    Malones song to Meyers!!!

    This is my favorite guitar solo of all time!!!
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