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Thread: SiriusXM Daily Stock Talk 03/03/14 to 03/09/14

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    Quote Originally Posted by denco1 View Post
    could be we are on the verge of some news
    Sure sucks being in the dark.

    There is definitely news coming.

    I sold a few @ 3.62, just bought em back reluctantly @3.55.

    Nothing but hate left for this Company. Still love the service, just hate the Management.
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    1 mil. share trade after 4:00

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    E. Crockett


    Okay. And then if I could switch gears just a little bit. Shortly after you guys made your offer announcement, SIRI came out and issued some subscriber guidance for 2014 that was for a slowdown in growth, 1.25 million versus 1.5 million self-pay in the previous year. Some investors have been concerned that maybe this suggests the business is slowing and injects an element of uncertainty. I think that has been part of what’s pressured the stock. What’s your view? I mean, does this, in your view, signal any type of, like, slowdown in the business or a change, in any way, your appetite for this business on a fundamental perspective?

    Gregory B. Maffei


    Well, I guess, the first point would be we certainly knew of the intent to — that they would make that announcement, and we made our proposal actually in advance so we would not look like we were pouncing on their bad news or their perceive perception of bad news in the marketplace. I think Jim Meyer has been articulate about both the challenge of just the law of large numbers, of growing the business and new subs, but also, some of the technical factors related to new car sales and how our existing base is upgrading to new cars and what that is doing to the sub count — or excuse me, the new sub count. I think we remain very interested in SiriusXM, believers in SiriusXM. We’re the majority shareholder of SiriusXM. We’re certainly not walking from it.And as I said, we knew, when we made our offer, that, that announcement was coming.

    Why didn't the rest of the investors get to know?
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    Hey! The DOW is up 75 again and we're flat.


    Captain Obvious

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    We are so due for a run.

    The trigger has to be the looming deal..... and it's coming to a head. Can't keep baby in a corner forever.

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    This reminds me of the Merger days.

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    Thx Wolfe,

    Maffia is already talking like they own us, and with more insight and clarity/transparency than our own CEO
    "private pool alongside", there's that word private again, I knew that didn't come from Mel

    As for me I think the greens are the ways to go these days, I think we need to start another thread, wouldn't fill right sharing any DD I've done on the Siri board, it's ground floor right now, and we ought to be sharing what we've been learning about these companies, the waters are treacherous and dangerous(when dealing with penny stocks, but we used to be a penny stock), the payoffs could be immense!!!

    I'm up 81% on my fitx play I mentioned Tuesday on one lot and 55% on the other

    GLA, do your own DD
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    Nice find Wolfman!

    Sure does sound like Maffei is our CEO. There is a BIG picture out there that he but gave a taste of. It will not be unleashed until they swallow TheDog. This negotiation needs to move.....

    If what he said is true about "the committee" not having countered yet......what a fkg joke....though he is probably pulling the strings on that keep us down of course....SOS

    "Not to throw them under the bus" was an interesting comment.

    monetize through free content into non sub SIRI radios was too........
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