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Thread: SiriusXM Daily Stock Talk 02/24/14 to 03/02/14

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    As Midas would say, "WE'RE HOG TIED!!!". Come on Meyers, are you going to be the Hero or the Zero? I know you've got a lot to think about, but Maffia and company are making you out to be no-nuts!!! It looks bad!!! What you gonna do?
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    Thanks for the tunes Denco!!! How bout one of those famous p & f's brother? I think we're due!!!
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    What's up RC!

    Higher highs and higher lows but with MaloneCo in charge and orchestrating the sloooowwwww response we are in a cage at the moment.

    For some reason I can't attach a chart.....will try again in a bit.

    With this Russian/Ukraine issue we could be in for some volatility.
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    Here's to transparency, something to read about anyway, the CEO's FB page from fitx
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