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Thread: SiriusXM Daily Stock Talk 02/24/14 to 03/02/14

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    Good morning! Maybe tomorrow we get some info.

    Liberty Media Corporation (Nasdaq: LMCA, LMCB) will release its fourth quarter earnings on Friday, February 28th, at 11:30 a.m. (ET). Greg Maffei, Liberty Media Corporation's President and CEO, will host the call. During the call, Mr. Maffei will discuss the company's financial performance and outlook and may discuss the proposed acquisition of the shares of Sirius XM Holdings Inc. not currently owned by the company and its subsidiaries, as well as the proposed issuance of new Series C common stock.

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    Another day ,Another penny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf Child View Post
    bought JCP @ $5.05

    Did you call your buy? Again, some folks like me are curious what others are trading. Anyway, congrats.
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    Hey Dr. D, no I didn't call that JCP buy because it's not something I would recommend to others based on the risk factor.

    The only reason I mentioned it was to emphasize how ridiculous that even some of my sh!ttiest positions outperform SIRI thanks to John Malonehole.

    But Hey! We got a .84% move up today!

    Can't quite remember the last time we strung together 2 moves up of 1% or more.

    Grind Grind Grind

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    Did they give us 3.61?

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    If Liberty doesn't "need" to purchase the rest of SIRI then maybe they should just drop the sh!tty offer and get on with their business.

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    Just gonna throw this thought out there...

    Liberty is F'n stupid. They should have just bought us out entirely a long time ago.

    Those morons could have had us below $1.


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    Sounds to me we have a long wait yet.

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    Ya'll don't get me fired up!!! I listened to the CC, and Maffia said multiple times it wasn't a big deal if the deal didn't go through that they still controlled us!!! So now it makes it look like our CEO is considering putting us up for sell, or seriously considering it (So he can keep his position)!!! In the meantime our company has missed out on multiple buying opportunities. How do we know Malone doesn't have some Hedge Fund buddies and not the ones that orchestrated the massive bashing campaign we've been dealing with for years, we've always been the Blacksheep of wallstreet!!! We are literally taking our own money and letting them buy us with it!!! They we're the last ones to get paid from the stock repurchase agreement. None since!!! Mafia said they already knew the stock was gonna take a hit from our quarterly #'s so they decided to make the announcement early 2 days before our CC (I do believe) so it would look like there was no insider manipulation. How would he know the stock was gonna take a hit??? The #'s were pretty good weren't they, nothing to deserve the reaming we've been getting, why would he say that, huh? What's up? I think he slipped of the tongue. So here we all are waiting on dingaling to get his instructions from his "SPECIAL" Committee that we are all paying for (He must have rode the short bus), while our business and it's investors miss out!!! According to Maffia, it may be awhile, they are still thinking about it... GLA
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    I worry about the volume going forward from here.

    Why would anyone buy into a stock that has an offer in place that could potentially be less than the current sp?

    Some of the technicals like macd and cmf still say we would otherwise jump but not if we're capped.

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