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Thread: SiriusXM Daily Stock Talk 02/24/14 to 03/02/14

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    jinxed it.

    there they are.

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    SIRI could be the shittiest stock ever...gets a buyout "offer" and then somehow plummets under that offer! And management doesn't say a peep well because they are puppets.

    P hits a new all time high.

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    Wonder how long this committee is going to take to come up with a fair value and not .05 over original offer. Malone must be buying all the shrs he wants right now while he`s got the price down low enough. Why isn`t Meyer buying back shares now? Can`t believe their getting away with this. Where is SEC ? Watching Porn ?

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    The Puppet Master/MaloneCo held us down for the 3 years before the expiration of the standstill.......let it run for 15 months so he could get majority.....and now he's the reason we have been in no mans land for almost 5 months. I regret having so much faith and attachment to this stock. He has played the REETS for too long. Should have invested in P long ago and dumped this POS.

    EDIT: We have hit all time highs twice over the last 4 months with a 6% pullback mixed in and this stock has done nothing other that act like a neutered bit@h.

    EDIT2: It's all on MaloneCo's time table and it's sooooo obvious. This committee would not be taking this long if they had shareholder value in mind. The Puppet Master continues to pull the strings and there is no agency that can or will do a damn thing to alter the course of deception and manipulation.
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    Any accountant could have come up with a value in 2 wks. or less. Want to dump SIRI myself, but just waiting for verdict.

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    No doubt....maybe even a week. From the press release when they hired the committee they stated there would be no other communication until and if a deal negotiated. This makes it very easy for MaloneCo to sit on any counter offer and slow the negotiation to their benefit as it continues to pressure the SP. If we don't get word in the next few days one way or the other hopefully a Class Action will be formed by BIG shareholders to fight this blatant suppression.

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    Until a deal is negotiated sounds to me we will have no say. A class action might stir the pot a little. Notice how Seeking Alpha writers don`t mention anything about this deal lately. Maybe told to be quiet.

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    I've been emailing Siri IR for the past few days and never get a response. I remember back in the day, Paul Blalock would at least get back to you. Nothing since he's been gone. Like someone said before I guess if this committee waits long enough and the price is held under $3.68 for long enough, then it'll look like a good deal

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    bought JCP @ $5.05


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    $3.58, yay!!!

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