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Thread: 2-16-14>>>GO TO WORK!!! Do something!!! Move!!! Quit thinking about it!!!

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    2-16-14>>>GO TO WORK!!! Do something!!! Move!!! Quit thinking about it!!!

    Anybody think the longer they make us wait the more they think we'll accept any bullskit offer they are gonna bring back to us!!! (Somebodies sucking all the bull calls Money ridin it both ways, imo, just like in the past, huh, big M (Suck It)) I don't want to sell!!! I've done my thinking!!! I can imagine them now, hoping we'll believe they have stacks and stacks of papers to sort through, so they can make an educated decision, hoping we will fall for their bullskit rebuttal when it comes out, while their neck is on the chopping block. Anything less than talk to the hand, and I'm not gonna like it, jmho!!! Class C shares with no rights, hmm, I'm sure we won't tell the difference, imo. Looks more like management is leading it's investors to slaughter again to me!!! Been there done that!!! They haven't proved skit to me!!! Why are we, the ones that built this company always in the dark, with no transparency? Hope nothing major comes up that requires a really major decision, we might have to hire several think tanks!!! Don't it feel swell to have someone else paying someone else to think about how they should handle our well being? Feels great to me Meyers!!! What's it gonna be!!! Put your chips on the table!!! Let them fall where they may!!! Show us Reets what you think of us!!! You can't hide them cards forever!!!

    Guess ya'll know how I feel? I'm fed up!!!

    Flu Flu Flout and I'm out!!! GLA
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    What the Hell is going on with the Pre Market Ask side?

    250k shares at every .01 increment?


    Is that mass going to cause gravitational pull?

    MACD just crossed up. I think we may see some fireworks.
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    Off topic while waiting for this dog to do something, I ventured into a new realm of investing tools through my TDA account. It's called Investools (a subsidiary of TDA and a companion of Think or Swim). It's not cheap, but awarded as a freebie in various degrees based on size of a new account opened. At first blush, it really makes a lot of sense in it's education, approach and toolkit contents to Identify What to buy, deciding When to buy, How much to buy, and When to sell........ Anybody else here familiar with it? If so, how would you like to share your opinions and/or successes? Maybe a separate thread would be appropriate if there's ample interest. Check it out at

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    My 3.58 never filled, I'm calling 3.60 tomorrow,. Gla

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    What exactly is Malone or Meyer currently doing to increase shareholder value?

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    Is sitting around relying (hoping) on Car Sales, Trial Subscriptions and eventually Used Car Subs the grand plan? If so, then what the Hell do we need a CEO for?

    Where is the BIG plan and what is the f'n hold up?!

    All the talk of what a friggin' genius John Malone is and yet he has done exactly 0 to build up Sirius XM as a service other than fire Mel?!

    I'm starting to feel like we are destined to be run like an "old tech" company. Not what I signed up for.

    drip drip drip drip

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