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Thread: SiriusXM daily stock thread 2/9/14 -- 2/15/14

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    Nice find Wolf!!! Would love to see the dog start that climb back to the top of Mt $4!

    Personally...your BOOM11

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf Child View Post
    [B]BOOM!![!!]was just about right!!

    Jana Partners takes new stake in SIRI stake of 50 Million shares

    OK OK..... maybe that "BOOM" was a little large for the situation but it's still a great show of confidence. Should get us moving.

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    Great news Wolf!

    Those 5mn lots at AvePr I have been seeing over the past several days on my Scottrade total view was probably them in action.

    EDIT: Then again maybe not since it was last Q.....maybe they are adding to position or another BIG fish is doing the same.

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    looks like the MM's are trying to balance out a big trade here @ 3.50....... could take a while but then hopefully pop like yesterday.

    "maybe they are adding to position or another BIG fish is doing the same"

    EDIT: Still have a gap up to fill at a minimum
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    Must be Valentine's Day because MACD is playing kissy kiss

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    PHOT in at .28 out at .375
    Lets do it again, and again, and again.
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    I feel ya Wolf, I think we all are gonna be doing kissy kissy soon. Hope everyone has a good Vday, I know I am GLA

    That's probably more info than ya'll need, lol

    Wonder how long Meyers is going to pucker up? I'm sure he's got to be getting tired of it? It's about time for him to tell Malone to "Suck It!!!" According to my chart, there's no better time than the present!
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