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Thread: Repeated "Acquiring Signal"---not an antenna issue!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiriusBuzz View Post
    If the signal is dropping from 7 to 0, something is interfering. If it isn't electrical (like a running microwave), then it is physical (like a tree).


    I could understand it being a tree if it happens all the time. There is one tree that i thought could be interfering, and i trimmed it way back during the summer.
    Not sure how aware you are but in NC during winter,, trees look dead, no foliage on them at all.

    But since this issue does not happen all the time, nor every day it is puzzling,

    Especially when i have a day it drops to zero, I can move my truck over next to the garage, so my truck antennae is about 2 feet below the garage antennae, and I get radio fine in truck, and when I can hear the garage radio going in and out, the truck radio is solid.

    This is what is frustrating to me trying to diagnose this problem

    Also, the garage radio worked great for close to a year before this problem started happening, this has not been an issue since day one, sould it be something that happened when they updated subscription, because i do get the "Sub Updated" message a lot on radio displsy. { Yes I have sent refresh signal too }

    Thanks for trying to help


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay9536c View Post
    i do get the "Sub Updated" message a lot on radio display.
    As far as I know, this is NOT normal.
    Charles LaRocca
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    Say I was wondering if they make antenna for inside a factory I work at John Deere and I am out in the factory and there is no Windows the garge doors are way to far away what can I get to get a signel

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    Get the smartphone app, use wifi.

    There is no antenna that works inside a building.
    Charles LaRocca
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    I am also having acquiring antenna signal issue. I moved the receiver from the speaker dock to a dock in my truck. Different antenna system. The problem has to be the receiver or the satellite transmission. Has anyone determined which is the culprit. Oh yes, only started happening within the past several months. Worked perfectly for at least 5 years prior. Now it happens several times an hour with interruption lasting from seconds up to minutes.

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    acquiring signal some times it will come on and play then qwit. new dock, new ant, still same problem. ready to qwit sirius for good. not going to pay for no service. will loose tunes ,with three bars and no message.

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    Not exactly the same issue, however, this fix might save someone a lot of time. My Chrysler 300C radio continually locked into the acquiring signal mode every day. Initially it loaded in a minute or so, but as time progressed connection time extended into hours and became a daily event. All it needed was to hard reset the unit by pulling the radio fuse out for a minute or so. After restoring the fuse the problem corrected itself and has not returned in the past few months. A time saving fix to try yourself. Good luck!!

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