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Thread: New SiriusXM Internet radio not working on my computer

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    New SiriusXM Internet radio not working on my computer

    Hi all, I've been quiet frustrated the last week with the new internet radio update online. Every time I go to log in to my internet radio, it says my account has expired but when I go into the account info, it says that the bill was received and that all my payment's have been up to date. I talked to a technician on Wednesday night and we figured it out and was able to get it to work but the last few days it's been back to it's old tricks, extremely frustrating, I love the product I was just wondering if anyone encountered the same problem with the new update. Thanks.

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    I am having the same problem. I have been on with listencare multiple times yesterday for several hours and they had me reset passwords and re-register several times but it did not resolve the issue. I'm still receiving the message that my subscription has expired even though my subscription is active. This is truly frustrating. They never resolved the issue. Instead they said they will get back to me in 5-7 business days.... Yet I'm paying for a service that I cannot access. Crazy!!!

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