Ok, new month of me yipping at the ether... but here goes...
Yes, market dumped towards the end of the month... so what did I do... just get out.
Remember how I had a ton of stocks, well, this morning this is all I had (in this new st account)

ARWR 64.20 %
CTIC 55.88 %
CWTR -2.27 %
GAME 26.82 %

So CWTR is up for sale.
GAME is I guess getting bought out, I guess I should head to the SIRI board for that one, since they like to read all the headlines. I only looked at the headlines because the chart suggested a buyout or something. I will dump it after this post likely, so I don't have to read.

New trades:
I'm kind of at a scratch today:

Short on DDD @ 75.83
Long on ANV @ 5.19 <- still telling you there is gold in thar hills, I looked at my old position RIC and it's rocking.

It'll take me a few minutes to get my actual fill prices.

Looking for more shorts until the market perks up.