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Thread: 03/03/14 to 03/09/14 ER CC in less than 36 hours

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    Adjusted Ebitda was a big beat. EV/Ebitda scale just moved up.....we are undervalued.

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    Good Call. No red flags. Nuthin' but net.

    The only risk is headline risk. I'll happily buy any dip from here.

    I would expect a rise in LMCA
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    Hey guys, long time, I have been hovering...

    Best thing for me in the report is the margins are increasing and highest ever, as well as decreasing subscriber acquisition costs. I agree Denco, we are way undervalued. Glad I kept 100k worth of SIRI in the nest egg. I have been worried with the collar Malone put on the dog, lets see if she can break the leash and go for a nice run.

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    I'm out fellows, GL

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    Did they say Buybacks were on hold while the Liberty offer was being fingered?

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    That's what they said.

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    Hey Wolf after I got down on myself for selling MJNA stock I went ahead and put that money into HEMP at .07 last week. Man wish I put a lot more. Thinking of getting out at .30

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    Nice way to supplement your lack of SIRI gains Naz!

    I got out too early on this last trip, .22

    But the gains were too big not to take!

    I play with 100k shares at a time

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    POS SIRI had a good qtr. missed by 1 cent. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE WE SEEN THIS OVER THE YEARS?! With a float that big I guess it happens.

    You could almost play PHOT and MJNA against each other. Buy MJNA today. Wait for the rise. Sell. When it rises PHOT seems to tank. Buy PHOT. Rinse and repeat.

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    We really are suckers on the wrong side of the music trade. Too smart for our own damn good.

    12 months P is up 400%

    SIRI, 15%ish

    At the risk of sounding redundant......

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