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Thread: SiriusXM daily thread Jan 27 thru Feb 2

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    LOL understood. Keep in haven't actually been screwed yet...Just keep those cheeks tight and sleep with one eye open

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    Shift not Caps lock, but yes, the venting does help

    As far as not being screwed yet. I disagree. Sure stocks go up and down. But stocks don't usually go down at the hands of the CEO and the majority shareholder. Knowing who and where the sharks are is always good when investing.

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    All I want to hear is one thing from Meyer. Something to the effect of "This bid highly under values SIRI" I think that alone would send shares up. Will we hear that? I'm starting to have my doubts. 3.58 on a big up day for the nasdaq and P up 12%

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    When very long time and bullish shareholders like myself (or bass) are ready to call it quits, how much hope is there really for this stock near term?

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    I'm ready to call it quits too. I sold all my 200k shares right after the bid. I re bought at 3.72 on the way back down thinking it would be a good re-entry. At this point If we make it back to 3.72 I'm out, unless we hear something good.

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    I`m really worried about Tues. CC. we are already down .58 from the high. How long will it ever take to get that back ? I don`t want any part of Libertys other pile of crap. Check LMCA`s trading volume, most days it`s 1 Mil. or less and we should take some shit C stock. Malone wants Sirius for his Piggy Bank that`s all. What they are doing now is just criminal.

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    Meyers is too busy looking to others to help him make it look like it's a tough decision for him, so he can look like he tried, that to me says he's bought off, there's nothing to think about. I think we can all agree the majority of reets want him to tell Liberty we are not for sell, and to stick your offer up your butt. But that takes Big Balls!!! Does he have them???

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    But then Malone would call him in his office and tell him...

    Mel taught him well!!! Act stupid!!! Not a single reply from our CEO since the offer, but he's got some people looking into it because evidently he's not smart enough to know , we are paying for his counsel and delay, and that's costing us all money!!! I would think a real CEO that cared about his people, would rise up and speak out with emotion, but not ours, not a peep!!! Tail tucked between his legs, worried about his job, going down with a perpetrated fake fight that he's not even on the front lines of!!! imo Sorry IDK, but I think us reets are entitled to be tired of the bullcrap we've been dealing with for years, while our CEO's get paid for the demise and detriment of the reet investors, without even taking a sincere stand for them. A true captain isn't afraid to go down with the ship, guns blazing!!!
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    This is what they had to say on January 7, 2014

    "SiriusXM had an outstanding 2013, and we expect to meet or exceed all other guidance we have provided for the year. Automotive distribution is hitting on all cylinders and an increasing number of households, at all income levels, are subscribing to SiriusXM. In a world where consumers have many choices, millions of subscribers continue to love our unmatched and easily affordable lineup of exclusive talk, live news, major sports events, and commercial free and curated music channels," said Jim Meyer, SiriusXM's Chief Executive Officer.

    "Our strong history of growth will continue in 2014, as we invest in new products and technologies, like our connected vehicle services business. Adjusted EBITDA growth will continue to exceed 20%, and free cash flow per share will grow even faster. We look forward to building on our progress and delivering enhanced value to our shareholders," added Meyer.

    The company also issued 2014 subscriber and free cash flow guidance and reiterated its 2014 revenue and adjusted EBITDA guidance of:

    •Net subscriber additions of 1.25 million,
    •Free cash flow approaching $1.1 billion,
    •Revenue of over $4.0 billion, and
    •Adjusted EBITDA of approximately $1.38 billion.
    "With our leverage at year end under 3.5x adjusted EBITDA and our interest coverage at more than 5x, the company is very conservatively capitalized. Our stable subscriber base and growing profitability allows us to raise our target leverage ratio to 4x adjusted EBITDA, providing increased flexibility for capital returns to stockholders and acquisition opportunities," added David Frear, SiriusXM's Chief Financial Officer

    Many are worried about the up coming release and CC. What could come out to make this picture look any different from a negative perspective that has not already been stated.

    Sub #s are out. Initial guidance has been given. They "expect to meet or exceed all other guidance". What am I missing and what could be seen as a negative that has not already been released?
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    I would not say calling it quits or me, just selling out of a small position due to the potential risk for an additional drop based on some technical analysis. If you look at where I think SIRI is in it's downtrend overall, it is like 75% done overall - not bad if you are a long term holder and have held out so little stake is not significant and it hasn't been in SIRI for over 1 year now so I don't have much at stake here

    but as always when i do see something bearish i have try to do my best and warn without blowing a siren

    EDIT: but let me also re-iterate - I am also watching for a $3.90 print - that would mean a whole different sort of corrective process for SIRI. Elliott Waves are fluid and dynamic

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf Child View Post
    When very long time and bullish shareholders like myself (or bass) are ready to call it quits, how much hope is there really for this stock near term?
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