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Thread: SiriusXM daily thread Jan 27 thru Feb 2

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    Nice Wolf!....congrats....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sundeeez View Post
    What was EVERCOREs price target the day the news went down anyways ? A cent under that and the whole things a sham
    Target was 4.50

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    What do we make of this PHOT news? Good, bad, indifferent?
    Charles LaRocca
    SiriusBuzz Founder

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    Hey guys, I don't have a lot of SIRI shares, so my risk is minimal. However, with the few I do own, here is what I am doing with them, and why -

    SIRI 1/30/2014 – Why I’m Selling Into Upcoming Strength

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    So P is a double according to GS?

    shoot me

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    TWC CEO has balls and is definitely on the side of shareholders. On CNBC now.

    MEYER on the other hand is a FKGPUSSY, MaloneCoBIT$H......and could care less about us. The puppet has had his head up his A$$ since EDIT...the October deal to sell between 3.64 and 4.18 which started the manipulative takedown and of course the January 3rd announcement....what a MALONECOWH@RE
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    First off, why would or SHOULD Malone care about the SIRI shareholders? I understand the frustrations aimed towards Meyer and the SIRI powers that be but Malone is a business man. He's in the business of making money for himself and HIS shareholders. How do you do that? Buy things on the cheap or the best deal you can and grow them or buy on the cheap and sell them for more. It is what it is. Everyone needs to quit the bitching and just wait until we have more info.

    Think back to how angry many were that Mel gave Malone the amount of SIRI he did when we got that lifeline a few years back. Dunno bout you but between then and now, i've done QUITE well for myself with my SIRI shares. None of my other holdings are up over 10-14 fold in that same time. None of us know how this will play out and crying about it on a message board isn't going to change that LOL. Just my 2 cents....the name says it all....

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    If you are responding to my post above IKN....first off my post is regarding the lack of shareholder responsibility on the part of Meyer. Secondly, Malone is the majority shareholder of SIRI and thus is responsible to SIRI shareholders as well. The fact that he sits on the BOD OF SIRI in and of itself necessitates a fiduciary responsibility to SIRI shareholders.

    EDIT: If one sifts through the crying and bitching and look at the facts it is obvious that manipulative forces have been at work to hold us in check to achieve his objective without regard to the SIRI shareholder. More clarity on both sides would be a good start in the direction of removing the veil of deceit.

    EDIT2: So, until that happens.....FKMALONE AND FKMEYER
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    I agreed with the animosity towards Meyer and the powers at be of SIRI. On their actions compared to the powers that be at stock is just going to go up up up. Sit back, relax, wait for news and information. You seem very stressed and worked up about this whole thing LOL.

    Edit: Whatever makes you happy my man, if it's caps lock and half swearing at Malone and Meyer, to each his own. We're on the same team, meant no disrespect, I hope this works out well for us, I haven't sold anything through all this. Time will tell.
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    Yes, stressed is appropriate as too my current feelings. Thing is IKN....I like to know that I am going to get screwed and by whom so that I appropriately prepare or better yet remove myself from the fray to protect my A$$.

    To know that Meyer would go silent for going on 4 months now after jumping at the chance the previous 18 months to support the SP is a 180 that I did not see coming from the CEO. So yeah, pissed, stressed, no doubt.
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