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Thread: 01/21/14 to 01/27/14 I'm awake. I might as well start the thread

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    The decision to create & accept the offer was made in 2008 - set in motion in 2009 - and, now, they're spending their time w/ attorneys making sure to cover their asses.

    Case in point - that *one* commercial that Mel Conmazin had produced a couple of years ago. You know, the web-only 30 second commercial that looked to be produced by an intern.

    In a court of law, being stupid and making mistakes is not a crime. So, they're doing what they *have* to do so as they can have a defense, should it ever go to that level.

    Conmazin sold this company to Malone a loooooonnnnnggggg time ago…and the bastard got $300mm+ in stock sells to make the deal.

    That is the number one reason why I took my money off the table and only have shares that were purchased by gains.

    Quote Originally Posted by Redcloud View Post
    We're hog tied!!!
    Time Warner rebuked their offer within days, I guess our management is entertaining the offer or sitting on their thumbs and spinning. Muthrfuchers!!!

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    Weeks ago Sirius said they surpassed all their expectations for 2013. If this CC is negative in any way, you know we are getting the shaft. After 10 yrs. I think I`m out, can`t take any more of this crap.

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    Your exactly right Hillbilly, you scratch my back and I`ll scratch yours, was the deal between Mel and Malone.

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    Looks like I dumped my pot stocks a little early. I fell for the fake at the close yesterday.
    Charles LaRocca
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    No purchase of Liberty shares until late April; No news regarding the Liberty proposal until committee decides something; Sirius enlists help of financial and legal advisors to assess proposal. And, no mention of any vote by the non-Liberty SIRI shareholders....

    SiriusXM Announces Retention of Financial and Legal Advisors by the Special Committee of its Board of Directors

    Sirius XM and Liberty Media Defer Balance of Share Repurchase to April 2014

    NEW YORK, Jan. 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- SiriusXM announced today that the Special Committee of its Board of Directors has retained Evercore Group L.L.C. to act as its financial advisor and Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP to act as its legal counsel to assist and advise the Special Committee in connection with its evaluation of Liberty Media Corporation's proposal to acquire all of the outstanding shares of common stock of SiriusXM not owned by Liberty Media. SiriusXM formed the Special Committee, comprised entirely of independent directors not affiliated with Liberty Media, following SiriusXM's receipt of Liberty Media's proposal on January 3, 2014.

    The Special Committee intends to work with its financial and legal advisors to, among other things, review and evaluate whether the Liberty Media proposal is in the best interests of SiriusXM and its stockholders, other than Liberty.

    In addition, in light of SiriusXM's receipt of Liberty Media's proposal, the Special Committee has authorized SiriusXM to enter into an agreement with Liberty Media to defer the previously scheduled $240 million repurchase of shares of SiriusXM common stock from Liberty Media from January 27, 2014 to April 25, 2014 (the date of the final installment of share repurchases from Liberty Media pursuant to the October 9, 2013 agreement with Liberty Media, as amended). As a result of this deferral, SiriusXM will repurchase $340 million of its shares of common stock from Liberty Media on April 25, 2014 at a price of $3.66 per share.

    SiriusXM cautions its stockholders and others considering trading in its common stock that no decisions have been made by the Board of Directors or the Special Committee with respect to Liberty Media's proposal. There can be no assurance that any agreement based on Liberty Media's proposal will be approved or recommended by the Special Committee, or that any transaction will be entered into or consummated. SiriusXM does not anticipate making any further public statements regarding these matters unless and until either it enters into a definitive agreement for a transaction or the Special Committee determines that no such transaction will be effected, or it otherwise deems further disclosure is appropriate or required by law.

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    Evercore upgraded SIRI on the morning of the Liberty proposal announcement that was made AH on that Friday 1/3/2014

    com: Sirius XM upgraded at Evercore
    As previously reported, Evercore upgraded Sirius to Overweight from Equal Weight. The firm cites valuation and expectations for rapid growth of its telematics business, which it does not believe is currently reflected in the stock price. Price target raised to $4.50 from $3.90.

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    I'd like to see Meyer step up and make a bullish comment valuing SIRI at a substantially higher price than what was offered even if it is just his opinion.

    Show me you don't have strings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf Child View Post
    I'd like to see Meyer step up and make a bullish comment valuing SIRI at a substantially higher price than what was offered even if it is just his opinion.

    Show me you don't have strings.
    He's not leading, he's following. He was Malones inside guy. Why even consider that Bullskit offer? We are talking about a man that was castrated from the git go. If he had any balls, he would have done said something.
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    for those owning Phot,,, do you think we should vote for the increase in share count or do you think that it will have ill effects down the road?

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    What's up Denco... I think Liberty's hands were forced early by this upgrade. They scrambled to get the MM's hold it down that day and then let out the 3.68 fair value price AH's. I believe they wanted it lower, but didn't want to wait and have to offer higher if stock ran up again on this upgrade.

    Quote Originally Posted by denco1 View Post
    Evercore upgraded SIRI on the morning of the Liberty proposal announcement that was made AH on that Friday 1/3/2014

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