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    2014 January

    Another year huh?

    Anyhoo - I'm kind of back in the game. My main swing trading account is up 9% for the year, so that's not a bad way to start. Fwiw - that's with money management, so no stock has been bought that represented more than 10% of the account (in actuality, I think 7% has been the limit so far this year). Currently, in that one, I have AAPL, ARWR, AUDC, BCRX, CPST, CTIC, ENVI, FB, FRP, HA, MEA, MERU, MHR, SPCB, and ZNGA. All are green except AUDC, where I'm down $6 at the moment. I give it one more day, then I'll cut my losses short.

    My buddy got me interested in PHOT (now by interested, I mean where I'm not purely swing trading/TA ing it). These days, I normally run my scanner, pare down the list after a few minutes based on TA, then take some positions (of course after monitoring what I have). Thus, I don't plan on "holding" any of them, nor do I bother to look at what the names of the companies are. Anyway, I got in on that one in another account cause of the commissions tier. I've cashed out 2/5 already, but holding the rest for the moment. It came down hard as expected, but I'm still well into the green. Anyway - ends up its in one of the accounts I hold things longer like SIRI (which is held mainly for no reason other than sick brotherhood - unless it turns down), S, and a short on FAZ.

    That's my current story.

    Ouch, I'm down $6.80 on AUDC, I may not wait until tomorrow...

    Anyone out there trading anything but SIRI? Any swing traders out there?
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