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Thread: 01/06-01/12 What's up doc?

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    I own quite a few shares and am wondering what to do. Do you or anyone have an opinion on the c shares. I have read Homers article.

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    Do not like reading Yahoo! but somebody posted the most recent Barron's article.

    John Malone has earned a reputation as the U.S.'s savviest acquirer of media assets. So when his firm Liberty Media decides to go all in on an investment, it's worth paying attention. Such is the case with Sirius XM (ticker: SIRI).
    Liberty (LMCA) is seeking to purchase the 47% of the satellite-radio provider that it doesn't already own in a stock deal worth $10.6 billion, or $3.68 per Sirius share.
    Sirius shareholders should hold out for a better bid, especially with the stock closing the week at $3.70, already above Liberty's offer. Just a day before the bid was made, Evercore Partners analysts upgraded Sirius to Overweight from Equal Weight, with a target price of $4.50—far more reasonable.
    Malone, Liberty's chairman, believed in Sirius XM's potential when most investors had thrown in the towel. In 2009, Liberty agreed to provide an emergency loan of $400 million, under terms that gave the company the right to acquire 40% of Sirius' equity for essentially nothing. Sirius shares have since soared, from a credit-crisis low of five cents. All the while, Liberty has continued to add shares, taking control of the company in early 2013.
    Enlarge Image
    But times have changed. Sirius now is thriving, not ailing. Some 70% of new cars come with Sirius radios pre-installed. And nearly half of those cars' buyers become subscribers, at $15 a month. Recently,Barron's hailed the comeback in a bullish cover story ("Sirius XM's Sweet Sound of Success," Nov. 25, 2013). Malone's latest actions only support our thesis.
    This year sales at Sirius are likely to reach $4.2 billion, generating free cash flow of $1.2 billion.
    Under the current deal, each Sirius share would be exchanged for 0.076 share of Liberty Class C, a new nonvoting stock. The minority Sirius holders would wind up with 39% of Liberty. But the deal requires approval from a majority of all non-Liberty-owned shares, a high hurdle.
    Larry Sarbit, chief investment officer of Sarbit Advisory Services, owns 27 million shares of Sirius, giving him roughly 1% of the minority Sirius stake. He says he won't approve the deal: "I think Liberty sees what we see: a free-cash-flow machine. They're trying to pick it up at a bargain price." As for Liberty's current offer, "it's not even close to the value."
    Sarbit thinks the stock will be worth $6 to $7 by 2018.
    Famed stockpicker Leon Cooperman has 72 million shares, or $266 million worth, of Sirius stock, making it the third-largest holding of his Omega Advisors hedge fund. Cooperman says he's always viewed Liberty as a good steward of assets. But, he adds, "If they got it at $3.68, we would be disappointed. And we think they'd be getting a terrific deal." Less

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    PJ, Thanks very much for posting the Barrons article. I saw it but was having trouble gaining access to it. Thx again

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    No problem slapshot, just copying and pasting form another thread.

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    Don't some of you find it odd that shortly after Siri closed on Agero that malone wants all of Siri. Funny how siri spends what $530 million and then he wants to steal the remainder of the company for what equated to $3.68 a week ago. If he needs cash, let him borrow against his shares, then we need a massive short to force him to have his loan called, sell his shares and lose majority.

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    One more thing, Avafin showed a lot of buying yesterday, the B/S for block was 1.89 i believe. Was we seeing more shorts getting an opportunity to unwind their positions? There was no other reason for it to drop like it did with all that is happening. What are there, 10 different law firms, Nader, major shareholders, and do not be surprised to see something from Icahn. He needs to be quiet until he can garner a sizeable position. He might even join forces with those guys mentioned in the Barrons article and request a board seat

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    So much for my ah prediction yesterday. I guess I forgot to renew my prognostication license.

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    AT&T to offer $15-a-month Beats Music family plan

    By RYAN NAKASHIMA3 hours ago

    LAS VEGAS (AP) — AT&T says it will start offering customers a subscription to streaming service Beats Music in a package that gives as many as five family members unlimited streaming and song downloading for $15 a month.
    The offer, a good deal if even two people use it, is an attempt to bring down the cost of music for families that pay AT&T for cellphone service. It's part of Beats' major launch strategy since its headphone maker parent, Beats Electronics, bought streaming service MOG in 2012.
    Beats Electronics is backed by hip-hop mogul Dr. Dre and former music executive Jimmy Iovine.
    Beats Music works on the MOG platform, though the look and emphasis on human-curated playlists and recommendations are different.
    With plans to add future promotional tie-ins with the popular headphone line, Beats Music would compete with services like Spotify, Rhapsody and Rdio. The family plan has a 90-day free trial but no free ad-supported version, unlike Spotify.
    Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers said the company decided to launch its service with AT&T rather than do an immediate tie-in with a headphone purchase to reach the widest possible audience.
    "We don't want people to think it's an ecosystem that's closed in some way," he said. Rogers gave a demo of the service this week on the sidelines of the International CES gadget show in Las Vegas.
    David Christopher, chief marketing officer for Dallas-based AT&T Inc., said the company chose to partner with Beats Music because of a longstanding association with Iovine and the headphone line. It was also a way to get involved in transforming MOG.
    "We were in on the ground floor with a shared vision about how we could really change the game for subscription music," Christopher said.

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    Damian's site hacked again, apparently. Too bad... It's great to get as many points of view as possible.

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