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Thread: 01/06-01/12 What's up doc?

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    Nice trade on HEMP Wolfe, what's so bad is that one has been the biggest dog for awhile out of the bunch , that's why I bailed too. You could have bought it for nothing a few weeks ago. It still has a chance to double from here imo (.15 one year high), but my money will be on the creams of the crops, I'm hoping

    Check your PM's.
    I bought my HEMP months ago for about 1 shiny penny. 100k shares.

    I'll buy it back if it dips to .05 or so (fills the gap).

    Nice to see MJ getting some acceptance. If I could only go back in time and tell the teenage me that the adult me would someday make $X,XXX,XXX on weed and music
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