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Thread: 01/06-01/12 What's up doc?

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    Posted in the sirius xm chat room

    "WASHINGTON, Jan. 6, 2014 / – John Malone’s offer to buy out Sirius XM’s shareholders at $3.68 a share is ludicrous. Sirius XM was trading over $4.00 a share just a few weeks ago and is a fast growing company with bright indicators and registers four stars by Standard & Poor’s which recommends a buy. I am sure that I along with other shareholders in Sirius XM will be interested in a legal challenge to John Malone’s company for lowballing Sirius XM’s shareholder value. Carl Icahn — take notice and interest."
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    Suppose the SIRI BOD rejects the 3.68 tender offer. Does that then instigate a pizzing match, and maybe something worse, such as a hostile takeover?........ Obviously, I've never been a party in such a contest as this.

    Why would Malone give a damn about what Nader or Icahn might have to say?

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    Well, sold most of my shares in SXM in the pre-market at 3.95 and 4.00...only have 10.000 shares far the least amount of shares that I have owned since 2006...feeling a little sad. Thinking about either adding to my LMCA position or other to say though that my LMCA shares have done well since I bought them at 105.00...will always remain a SiriusXM the service!
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    AT&T news releases today are very interesting and should not be ignored by Sirius XM investors. Not only did AT&T announce that they are going to put 4G LTE in all General Motors cars BUT they are offering a new service called "Sponsored Data Services. The offering will let sponsors subsidize consumer's data fees, which have gradually gotten more expensive in recent years as phone companies charge for mobile web-surfing based on how much data their customers download."

    For example, Apple could say "Anyone that uses iTunes Radio in their car will not be charged for any data usage. We will be paying for it." This goes for any and every other company out there. My concern is... the company with the best product/service and the deepest pockets win.

    Any thoughts?
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    @Wolf... I started following him after his Dell deal intervention.
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    Finally, some investors asked how high Sirius XM Radio (SIRI) can trade following the buyout offer from Liberty Media (LMCA).

    Cramer said SIRI could take out its 52-week high of $4.18 if the company told LMCA, its majority shareholder, that it will have to "pay up" if it wants the rest the company.
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    Quote Originally Posted by midas360 View Post
    @Wolf... I started following him after his Dell deal intervention.
    Let us know if he responds yeah?

    Also, What a wall they've had @ 3.82 all damn day.... Do we break it? I say YAY

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    Long time lurker, 1`st time poster. I`m a newbee to investing but am slowly learing. I did say slowly huh?

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