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Thread: 12/30/2013-01/5/2014 Will TheDog get off his A$$

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    If you plan on trading tomorrow or even later in the week I would be watching how LMCA trades. There will be some craziness with siri until the dust settles. Then begin watching LMCA. Until the transaction moves forward, the ratio is .0253. So you better hope that Liberty goes up this week if you want to sell your SIRI shares for more money. jmho

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    WOW - interesting read this morning.
    Just my thoughts:
    When Malone took control of SiriusXM I chose to transfer (IRA account) my Siri shares into Liberty. Been very pleased with both investments over the past year. The STARZ split off exceeded my expectations. I'm 2 for 1 invested in Liberty vs SiriusXM. I'll probably vote for the transaction for that reason. If you study Malone (vs the other big boys) - Malone does make money for the little guy; of course Malone takes a bigger percentage. If I had to chose a big name investor I would follow Malone. I would avoid Icahn - simply look at the results for the little guy that chose to tag alone with Icahn. With Malone the little guy makes out ok (sometimes great).
    I do wish SiriusXM would stay semi-independent but now that Malone has shown his hand it's just a matter of time. As an investor why would I want to screw my larger investment in Liberty by holding out for a higher price? Also remember that all the 48% not owned by Malone have to vote for the transaction. Does that mean Malone has to get just 24%+1 on board to go forward? I think this transaction has a good chance to go through as offered. If your looking to exit then sell to the shorts today.

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    that's better

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