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Thread: 12/30/2013-01/5/2014 Will TheDog get off his A$$

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    I agree with Slap, re. not to read any real hope from that gap this morning. In fact, as I glanced at the chart I am reminded how near we are to a dreadful Death Cross as the 50DMA is collapsing onto the 200, separated now by a mere 2 cents. From past memories the DC does not bode well in the short term for SIRI investors.............. but, on the positive front, the negative impact has been very short lived, and then the situation has reversed to a Golden Cross and a subsequent relatively long-lasting positive trend. I would hope that history is about to repeat, and soon we will start to look up.

    EDIT: Had trouble adding the chart............ here it is, going back almost 3 years. The last Golden Cross occurred about 18 months ago.
    Since then, we've been on a nice ride.
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